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Digital Marketing Automation

Enabling seamless and engaging customer experience

We can help you create a winning marketing automation strategy and create amazing campaigns that drive conversions, increase sales and delight your customers.

Radically transforming your business to make your brand interact with customers

We will help you build a world-class platform that will support seamless omnichannel customer experiences.

Scaling up your digital marketing experience

We, at G-Rank have an in-house service wherein your digital marketing services can be automated and hence yield better results. Marketing automation is synonymous to nurturing a plant.

Let’s see how our digital marketing experts make your brand bigger and bolder.

  • Time saving and efficient- Multiple campaigns can be scheduled way ahead of time.
  • Data curation –Marketing automatic provides better insights and is used to collect specific data to improve future campaigns. It is also vital in lead capturing.
  • Multichannel management- Our marketing automation helps you keep tabs on any email channel to stay connected with your clients.
  • Consistency- With extensive research, our marketing automation strategy helps to keep a unified brand tone-of-voice.
  • Personalized experience- Our digital marketing experts by leveraging their marketing automation techniques help tailor the user-experience by creating a unique and more inviting experience that is more likely lead to conversion.

Digital marketing is an exciting new world of opportunities and offers a wide variety of challenging tasks that will hone your skills and keep you busy for hours. Yet, there are a few tasks that tend to be repetitive and frankly speaking - downright boring! Thankfully, there are several marketing automation agencies in Bangalore and Hyderabad that can help you with the repetitive tasks and allow you to focus on the more important and strategic tasks. In this era of digitalisation, marketing is largely done over the internet more than on any other platform across the globe. Thanks to easy access to smartphones and high-speed internet, the internet provides greater access to potential customers depending on the scope of your business while keeping the cost far lower than one would incur using the traditional methods of television, hoardings, banners and so forth. Marketing automation usually involves engaging with potential customers over email, websites, social media, phone calls, and texts. This includes a message from the business that explains the product/ service they have to offer in a meaningful way so that the customers can understand it and consider availing of the product/service eventually. Engaging in this task usually involves sending information at a particular time of the day depending on the means of communication. Additionally, the effort is also at making the messages more personal and impactful. Marketing automation helps in making this task more effective while ensuring the messages are sent across all platforms automatically with minimal human intervention. The final goal here is to automate, streamline, and simplify time-consuming tasks which otherwise would require a sizable portion of the organisation’s resources.

At G-Rank, we offer our customers a whole array of options to choose from based on their requirements to automate their marketing communications systems. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and also the proud holder of Google Certified Partnership since 2011. From our humble beginnings of just 5 clients in 2010 to having over 200 clients in 2022 which is fuelled by our passion, commitment, and skill; this stands as a testimony of our commitment to the craft. As one of the top marketing automation agencies in Bangalore and Hyderabad, we provide our customers with world-class technology that will help you garner your target audiences' interest faster and more effectively. Not only do we provide the technological know-how to support your marketing campaigns but also invest our time and effort in understanding the requirements along with the history of the business so we can create campaigns that send the right message to the intended recipients. G-Rank not only supports your organisation's growth but also helps you in creating a brand value that stays with customers for many years to come.

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G-Rank - Digital Marketing Partner an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, established in 2010, is a leading Digital Marketing company based out of Bengaluru and Hyderabad. We strategize and deliver pertinent digital marketing campaigns that add`s value to the client`s bottom line. We are a proud holder of Google Certified Partnership since 2011. Ever since its inception, G-Rank has always focused on building an ecosystem to offer end to end digital marketing solutions to clients across India.

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