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Healthcare industry

Digital Marketing in Healthcare industry

Digital marketing reduces the risk and clutters over traditional marketing methods when done rightly. As the healthcare industry is valued at $81.3 billion as per 2013 data, is projected to the growth of 17 percent by 2020 by considering the growth factor there will be significant competition is expected. To gain the competitive advantage healthcare businesses need to brand themselves on a digital platform to make a strong positioning in the market besides acquiring patients through online lead generation strategies. Which makes your health-care business to flourish.

The healthcare industry in India has evolved dramatically in recent years. Their services and expertise are more personalised and also focus on developing their brand. Bangalore and Hyderabad have seen a steady rise in the number of hospitals and medical institutions in the recent decade. As a result, it becomes imperative for healthcare institutions to take the services of a well-established healthcare digital marketing agency in Bangalore and Hyderabad so they can make a mark for themselves and create a positive impact on their audience. The healthcare industry in India is expected to reach USD 372 Billion by 2022 with a CAGR of 16-17%. Lifestyle diseases, affordable healthcare, technological advancements, health insurance, and various government initiatives are some of the main factors driving the healthcare industry in India. In other words, the market will be crowded with not just domestic healthcare companies but also international ones. In such instances, it becomes important for the healthcare institution to move away from the clutter and make itself known through the digital platform by running aggressive marketing campaigns that send messages to its audience which are consistent with its services. This allows the audience to explore all the options the health institution has to offer at their convenience and help them with the administrational and financial matters with much ease. Recognising the potential of digital marketing as a tool for improving their brand and market presence, the healthcare industry has now put its entire weight behind digital marketing and is in the process of revamping its entire strategy around it. The services of a top-ranking digital marketing company in Bangalore and Hyderabad is much needed if you are to stay ahead of the competition and ensure the plan is successful.

At G-Rank, we offer our customers a whole array of options to choose from based on their requirements and create a digital marketing strategy that not only gets you noticed but also helps you in building your brand image over time with minimal effort. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and also the proud holder of Google Certified Partnership since 2011. From our humble beginnings of just 5 clients in 2010 to having over 200 clients in 2022 which is fuelled by our passion, commitment, and skill; this stands as a testimony of our commitment to the craft. We are experts in paid marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and marketing automation solutions among other digital marketing tasks. What truly differentiates us from others is the effort and time we put into understanding our customer's requirements, history, and any other relevant information that allows us to formulate a strategy which stands the best chance to give you qualified leads. Our focus is on creating a brand that offers its patients expert services while maintaining a transparent, engaging, and collaborative approach to tackling the challenge ahead.


The healthcare industry is slowly becoming brand-specific and more personalized towards each individual. Traditional promotional methods like newspaper ads and hoardings are nowhere close to the effectiveness of Digital marketing. Healthcare businesses are now focused to revamp on their branding strategies by keeping digital into priority.

Edge or Advantage:

With the help of widespread of the internet, patients nowadays select hospitals and clinics on the digital clinic presence. which include social media networks business page, search engine results & sponsored ads on both Google search and display network

Healthcare Industry in India 2018.

In this, today’s digital world healthcare consumers are smart enough to decide the best hospital, clinic or diagnostic center on the online presence and there are lot more parameters which makes your health-care business to stand-out among the rest.

Challenges for healthcare administrators

Healthcare administrators are undergoing a variety of changes caused by not only modern technology but even more challenges related to helping a patient and staffing at medical facilities. Administrators must be leaders who can adapt to change, recognize and reduce risks. Common challenges affecting healthcare administrators

  • Recruitment of Ethical Issues
  • Managing Medicare Expenses
  • Adapting to Evolving Technology

How the Healthcare Industry is Moving Towards Digital Marketing

As the digitization is increasing more and more users have been added to the internet on a day to day basis, this made an increase in searches related to healthcare for selecting as a treatment option. The given below are the google vertical trends data. 95% Search growth overall in Q417 compared to the previous year 78% of searches came from Mobile. Which clearly states the importance of digital marketing is going to impact the health-care marketing.

Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Search engine optimization for healthcare that targets high-quality patients on search engine results page for more visible. 77% of search engine results appear to book an appointment With the growing popularity of health care in search engines, the best part is can be done without spending massive amounts with traditional platforms.

Tips that help healthcare organizations to build your relationship

  • Keyword Research
  • Links and Navigation
  • Mobile Optimization

Paid Search Marketing - AdWords

As the internet is handier these days, there is a huge surge in searches and content consumption related to hospitals and health-care industry. Many of them already turned to Google search Ads, mobile ads and display advertising & social media for cost-effective digital marketing that reaches the targeted audience who are looking for online for health-care information.


Importance of having a engaging website 2.0.

An Informational Blog (Educating audience on various treatments)

Social Media Marketing & Reputation

social media for health purposes has risen from 18 percent to 21 percent in the past two years. As the healthcare businesses want to attract patients you need to available on all the important digital platforms channels which helps your targeted audience to take a well-informed decision. Today’s patients are also capable to do extensive online research, which means they are more particular about the services they are looking for.

Content Marketing

Content marketing plays a major role in the industry keeping your content unique and relevant has a very large audience in Healthcare sectors. It is a natural fit for many health providers can be the first line of defense against ailments, and healthcare content marketing can be the first comfort to patients for results you’re going to get out of them.

Video optimization.

Video marketing is extremely effective for healthcare organizations for communications and engagement purpose. Represent with a low cost, easy to use and highly effective communications to the target audience for a healthcare organization. Which can be more engaging and emotionally compelling in telling your story, topics, and resources which results in higher conversion rates.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare : Statistics

Digital Marketing Partner strategize & executes the campaigns with a fine detail and tracks the performance to improve revenue per spend by optimizing the digital marketing campaigns. To improve the total marketing efforts and increases ROI and adds tremendous value in acquiring patient.

Healthcare has been one industry where the primary focus is on patient outcomes

  • Responsive Website
  • Content Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Videos That Educate

Healthcare Digital Marketing Strategy

The healthcare strategies of organizations used to transform passive patients into active ones changes have become for the healthcare industry these days, the healthcare industry has started a significant role in marketing strategy 77% of patients use search engines to research their medical symptoms, understand procedures before selecting a physician. Involving themselves digitally will benefit from increasing consumer involvement in healthcare.

Brand Building

Brand building define digital presence consistent brand message that resonates strongly strategy to engage your potential patients and increase your audience with a strong brand will put you ahead of majority of your increasing competition in the healthcare industry have more than doctors to win over the heart they have to reach patients, providers, and payers to People are not going to trust your healthcare company if you do not have a trustworthy brand.

There are a few ways to build a strong brand becomes winners in the healthcare industry are

  • Establish trust and confidence
  • Gain a sharper competitive edge
  • Become relevant resources for patients

New Patient Acquisition:

It is the process of acquiring new patient into the healthcare organization. In terms of health care, it is essential to understand the customer behavior, Proper training will help to make a long way in producing better decisions and generate higher ROI. Overturn a new lead patient falls on the staff best practice will closely around 25% of their leads and thriving practices will be around 50-60% range.

Concepts to improve your new patient

  • Respond quickly
  • Be persistent

Customer Engagement

Healthcare organizations are focusing on consumer engagement they would like to use online resources and health technologies well-positioned to develop effective consumer engagement strategies and improve efficiency and value in health care services. Proficient quality measures that reflect the consumer experience and their competition by attracting and retaining actively engaged customers.

Digital Marketing for Healthcare: Statistics



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