The Rising Significance of Digital Marketing Services in Educational Institutions

There exists competition in all sectors, in the recent years; it has been noticed, the education sector has become more sophisticated as well as more competitive than ever before. Competition brings new energy and it helps to face thrift competition. The educational sector is adopting varied Digital Marketing approach at a much faster pace to face thrift competition and to emerge as a stronger market leader.

Challenges faced by educational institutions:

Low or no brand awareness

Your might have a beautiful campus, highly skilled teachers, state-of-the-art facilities but the enrolment rate is abysmal with the number of enquiries far from optimum. Here comes the role of digital marketing in building brand awareness and generating traffic and leads on your website.

No streamline strategy

The target audience of education industry is clearly separated as students and parents. Marketing campaigns need to be separately targeted to both. In the quest to boost traffic and conversion rate, the target audience is not reached through the right digital marketing platform.

Dependence of traditional marketing

Many educational institutions still rely on traditional methods of marketing as a result end up paying more for promotional activities. Digital marketing is cost-effective while targeting the right audience at the right time.

Importance of integrated Digital Marketing Approach in an Educational institution.

If you want your educational institution to be successful, then you must not only utilize but also implement varied, comprehensive as well as well thought out varied digital marketing strategies. To enjoy all the benefits, your educational institution must implement successful digital marketing strategies. When you start doing, you will notice an increase in the admissions, improved cost-effectiveness, quick student enrollments, garner a strong brand reputation and a higher rate of return on investment.

Current Digital Marketing Trends and Stats in the Education Industry

Typical educational institutes spend around 11% of their annual revenue on varied digital marketing activities. The main reason for doing so is to differentiate themselves from the competition, that’s not all it also helps in strengthening their fundraising capabilities and position in the market. We find, with technology taking the center stage as well as increasing pressure to keep the enrolment rate high, varied universities, as well as colleges, are opting for a more business-centric approach.

Why choose Digital Marketing over Traditional and Conventional Methods of promoting/Advertising and educational institution. Traditional Marketing is now losing its ground against digital marketing`s capability to highly targeted advertising approach. Though the traditional marketing has its own advantages, it has its own limitation and cannot match the advantages which digital marketing offers.

Importance of having a engaging website 2.0.

Why is Digital marketing best option for Education institutions?

The reasons are many, for your convenience, we have listed some of them.

Promising Platform

Digital marketing has become a promising platform due to rise in web as well as digital media in the education sector. The above sector has been transformed completely, mainly because almost all have access to the internet. Thus, it becomes easy to reach, both students as well as parents.

Track your Performance

With greater ease, the educational institutions can track the campaign performance with the help of varied digital marketing tools. Time to time, they can also change the digital marketing strategy and help optimize the marketing mix and get the expected results.


Digital marketing is considered to be the best medium to attract a large audience with little to no cost. By investing a lesser amount they can avail varied services such as Search Engine Optimization, Email Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Thus, by embracing digital marketing services, the education institutions can focus on more number of audience and gain greater benefits.

Build Better Brand experience

To build better brand experience as well as awareness, through varied social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, educational institutions, use digital marketing. They help in increasing the number of followers, that’s not all; they also help in conversion as well.

Successfully manage your online reputation

Online presence is significant, hence protecting online reputation has become essential. Educational institutions can use Digital Marketing strategy & Best Practices. Thus, they can have quality blogs on their website, Search Engine Optimization(SEO), PPC Campaigns, Remarketing, Engagement and online reputation through social media, Drip marketing and Marketing Automation. They can also capture curiosity through videos; collect real testimonies, campus new and alumni feedback. All these above would help in gaining the attention of the audience and lead to generating interest in the minds of the audience and thus it would lead to quality online reputation.

Paid content promotional channels

An effective way to market an educational institution is, use search as well as display ads, you can also use ad campaign, not to forget, lead generation can also yield better results. It would help drive, larger section of the online audience towards your educational site. That’s not all, you can also best keywords to increase the total number of impressions.

Guarantee high conversion rate

It has been observed; education institutions which have online educational marketing platforms tend to receive a higher conversion rate. They tend to use varied messaging platforms such as SMS and emails, thus they receive high response rate and they are able to reach their targeted audience in an efficient as well as effective manner.

Digital Presence

In the modern world, digital presence is essential for any sector, be it education or other sector. We find, many people browse the internet to find information. Thus, education institution to survive and thrive, they must establish strong digital presence and must be available on varied channel and thus it would be easy for them to choose your institution, to pursue their education.


Blog grabs the attention of audience to land on the website. Blogs increase the credibility of your brand and help you stay ahead in the industry besides driving a lot of traffic to your blog and website. Our content marketing team works closely with you to understand what your audience is looking for and come up with interesting blogs.

Why choose G-Rank as a preferred Digital Marketing Partner for promoting your educational institution.

G-Rank Digital Marketing Partner has successfully delivered numerous digital campaign for educational institutions. We has gained a lot from working with hundreds of clients across all industries. We take pride in stating that we have helped numerous businesses to succeed and be a leader in the industry. To know more, get in touch with us, we would be glad to hear from you.

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