A few years ago, local SEO was about the use of location keywords, e.g. Bangalore, within your keyword strategy to ensure that people searching for that location found you. Today, personalization and location data within the search results means that people don’t even have to type their location in order to get location based results.

Try it yourself now; type the word ‘Plumber’ into your Google search bar and it is highly likely you’ll see plumbers in your area – and you didn’t even have to specify where you are.

Local SEO means optimizing your website and your off-page activities to let Google know where you are in the world and which areas you serve. Our team has a proven track record of delivering results for local businesses by helping them move up the search rankings to gain increased visibility and sales.

Expect Local SEO Success

  • Greater visibility in the local search results
  • Help local prospects to find your business
  • Optimization of your local Google listing
  • Build your local profile and reputation


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