Though links count as votes for your website’s value, at the same time all votes are not equal and they don’t provide traffic for your website. A link from a high authority, relevant website in your niche will be worth far more than a link from a irrelevant website.

Here at G-rank, we practice ethical link building which comprises a clear strategy and the sharing of high quality, valuable content and information to encourage influential websites to link to you.


Why Invest in Link Building?

Link building is an essential part of search engine optimization. Any business that wants to succeed online and improve their rankings will need to invest in a strong link building strategy.

Think of link building as you would references on a CV. If we were to tell you today that we are a great digital marketing company, you might believe us – if other people said we were a great digital marketing company, you’d be far more inclined to believe it.

The same stands for Google; you undertake on-page optimization of your site, such as keyword targeting and content generation, to let Google know that you are the most relevant search result for your target query, but it is only when this is corroborated by the ‘votes’ of others that you Google really sees your value.


Expect Link Building Success

We only practice ethical link building. This means we stay well away from any of the non-ethical techniques such as paying for links or using link farms that will see your business penalized by Google.

Instead, we focus on creating a clear link building strategy, understanding the value your website will add to the websites we target for links, and outreaching to them with a view to encouraging quality links from quality sources.

We support you in:

  • Understanding the most influential websites in your industry, and identifying tactics for getting links
  • Generating content that your industry wants to link to
  • Outreaching to key industry opinion leaders
  • Leveraging traditional press release contacts for innovative link building


Why Choose G-rank?


  • We only do ethical Link building
  • We never automate our link building
  • We understand what Google is searching for

We always provide better service